Waxing tips!

It should snow today and tonight in Bláfjöll. However, the groomer will scrape that new snow off the track and go down into the old rough snow. Which could mean a situation with old granulated snow for those with waxing skis. Changes little for the skin skis.

Glide zone:

  1. Clean the skis very well with Swix cleaning compound I64N Base cleaner.
  2. Leave to dry in a dry place for 10 – 15 min.
  3. Melt Marathon white (fluorine free), at 155°C.
  4. Cool down for 10-15 min. Scrape with a plastic scraper and then a brass brush (T158B for example).
  5. Next melt PS7 purple Swix (more expensive and better) or HS7 (cheaper and not quite as good). Those who want, it would be even better (more expensive) to melt TS7B as the top layer. Or spray TS7 and dry and root with wool and a drill.
  6. Cool for 10-15 min. Scrape with a plastic scraper if you use PS7, HS7 or TS7B, and then a plastic brush (rotor even better, with a drill and a brush on it).
  7. Dry it with paper, T150 Swix. No need to put grooves in this rough and old snow.

Kick wax (for wax skis):

As the forecast is now, it’s supposed to freeze tonight and snow. The groomer will scrape the new snow from the track and go down into the old snow. However, it is possible that some new snow will remain in some places.

  1. Run sandpaper (100 grit) over the center.
  2. Spray green Swix KB20 thinly on the center. Spread it out well so that there is a thin layer of this. Cool well. Even overnight.
  3. Multigrade from Rode or KN44 from Swix. Probably better to have T-Line from Rode -6°-+6° or KN33 from Swix. It would have to be tested on site. They tolerate new snow better (if there is any snow left after the grooming).

Skin skis:

  1. Clean the skins well with the special cleaner from Swix. Shouldn’t need to put silicone on the skins as there will be no or little new snow that could freeze in the skins, but it doesn’t hurt to do so.