See you next Saturday!

We look forward to see you on Saturday at Bláfjallaganga. We want to point out a few things that are good to know: Delivery of registration will take place in the store Everest Skeifan 6, today March 17th from 4PM to 6PM and tomorrow Friday March 18th at same time. 40 km start is 9AM and 20 km, 10 km and 5 km at 10AM. We recommend arriving 30 min before start! Two drinking stations, we ask all participants to place Bláfjallaganga stickers on their skis before start. The chip is attached to each person’s number and does not need to be returned. Euroloppet passport holders can receive their stamp after the race at the race office in the house with the finish area. Participation prizes will be awarded on the spot. Podium prizes will be awarded. Meat soup will be served after the walk. We look forward to welcoming you – see you on Saturday!