Blafjallagangan 2020 is cancelled!

Unfortunately, this is the announcement for the cancellation of the Blafjallagangan this year.

In Iceland, there is ban on gatherings for organized activities with more than 20 people, which will remain in effect until May 4th. Given the circumstances, we feel the only way is to cancel the race. We’ve put a lot of work and cost into Blafjallagangan 2020 as the ban on gatherings was imposed only a few days before race day so everything was ready for the race at that time.

In the terms of payment agreed to at the race entry, it is stated that the entry fee will not be refunded in case of cancellation of the race, however, we would like to offer everyone who had already signed up for the race this year a 50% discount of the race fee for next years race, i.e. in March 2021. Information on how to receive the discount will be sent to all those signed up for the race 2020 when registration for next year’s race opens.

See you in Blafjallagangan 2021 and good luck with your sporting endeavors.